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Image acquisition (imaq write) - memory leak?



I would like some clarification please.

I try to find a crash/freeze from my CVS 1458RT controller.

I discovered that the physical memory drop to 0 with time. Since I add a protection to reboot the controller if memory is below 500MB, I don't have this crash anymore.


I figured out that this is only when I'm saving the images on the USB drive using the 'IMAQ Write Image fonction'. The physical memory of the controller goes down wherever I save the images. If I delete the files on the USB drive, memory get back ...


I'm a little confused, could anyone help me on this one?


I did a small example attached.


Thank you


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After reading that post :


Look like it's not a memory leak from that imaq function. Memory stabilize at 1% and don't crash. The reboot help me but that's not the root problem.


While trying to find the memory leak, I found that reading a property node ( String[] ) of an enum of only 2 state took 100 ms ... and was slowing down my process. I change it for a case structure and my code is now fast. (weird labview behavior)


I'll see if it help my crash.


thank you.



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