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Image Control Reference/Property Node and "Create VI" incompatible?

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I have encountered this problem a few times already and although I was able to work around it up to now, I'd really like to understand what it is due to:

If I have an image display control on the front panel  (the IMAQ Vision type, not the Picture control) and drop a property node or a reference to it on the Block diagram, it seems impossible to create a subVI from the diagram if the selected objects comprise either an image property node or an image reference. Selecting "Create SubVI" won't don anything, period. No warning message, no system beep, no nothing.

A related issue is that if I have an Image Display control reference on the diagram and try to create a control from it (for instance to use as a control input on a VI connector pane), same thing, "Create Control" won't do anyhting.

Why is that?

Thanks for your feedback.


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This was reported to R&D (35835) for further investigation. A possible workaround is to make the subVI in LabVIEW 7.1 and open it in the newer version of LabVIEW.


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Still pending in LV 2013 SP1. Any chance that has been fixed in LV 2015?

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Not fixed in LV2014 atleast. Hopefully in 2015 but would not believe so.


However as a work around I pass the reference around as a variant instead (that works)

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Nope, still well and alive in LV 2015.

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will you do solve this poblem? it is really a big necessity.

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It has been introduced in LV 8 (if I understand Michelle_N's answer of 8+ years ago) and is still not fixed in LV 2016. What's your bet?

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Thanks X.

I was pulling my hair out bundling all my controls references together and it would not allow me to create a control.

Luckily my Image control was the last in the Bundle and the first one I removed then control creation worked.

Googled and your post was at the top of the heap and now I know why (LabVIEW 2015).



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You don't need to install LV7.1 and create new VI and transform to new version of LV.

Use Type Cast function to convert vision image reference to U32 number, wire to subVI by connector pane, and use Type Cast to reference back. See image below.




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