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IMAQdx gives error 0xBFF6902D when trying to Snap or Grab image from camera

I have an Allied Vision Manta_G-201C-30 camera connected via ethernet to a PXI-8231 card in my PXI chassis. I think I have all of the correct software installed, but it is complaining that it the network interface doesn't support "high performance acquisition."


I did find one reference to the error code in the knowledge base (, but the solution to that issue was to use a separate ethernet card which I am already doing.


Any thoughts?


IMAQdx error.png

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"However, only certain hardware revisions of the PXI-8231 are capable of preventing this error." From the same link you provided and the same hardware you are using.

-Did you try following the steps in these:

-Enabled Jumbo packets?

-Region of interest in 0,0,1,1 or you were trying with these settings? with other ROI did it work?


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I am not sure how to enable Jumbo packets, since the link describes doing this via Windows but my ethernet card is on a PXI RT chassis. I did try reducing the packet size but this did not help. I also tried setting the Region of Interest to 0,0,1,1 and 0,0,100,100 with the same error.

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I am sorry, i am not aware of PXI. May be contacting NI Local support might help.
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The PXI-8231 card does not support GigE vision because the shared PCI backplane it is connected to is not fast enough to reliably get all the image data. You would need to use a PXIe-8234 that is based on PCI express.
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