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IMAQdx and the use of Python wrapper pynivison

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Hello -  I have a NI PCIe 1427 frame grabber with IMAQdx installed.  NI MAX sees the frame grabber and I can snap or grab images fine from the camera I'm using, a Xenics Bobcat 320.  I need to use python 3.5 to grab images from the frame grabber and I found a python wrapper, pynivision:

When I try to opening the camera using:  IMAQdxOpenCamera I keep getting a error:  ctypes.ArgumentError: argument 1: <class 'TypeError'>: wrong type


I'm not a newbi to Labview and Machine Vision but am a newbie to python.  Has anyone successfully used pynivision?  


This is the simple example I'm running:


import core as nivision
import sys
name = "img0"

id = nivision.IMAQdxOpenCamera(name, nivision.IMAQdxCameraControlModeController)
pic = nivision.IMAQdxGrab(id)
closeCam = nivision.IMAQdxCloseCamera(name)

 import core is part of the pyniwrapper that defines all the IMAQ functions.


Thank you for any help.

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Accepted by topic author hwGuy

The 1427 uses IMAQ, not IMAQdx, and thus will not work with that Python wrapper.

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Thanks BlueCheese, big oversite on my part.  Now back to the drawing board.  I'm guessing just removing the 'dx' in the api won't work with IMAQ.

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Did you finally solved this issue?



I am trying to connect also a NI frame gabber(1433) with Python but i guess it is also IMAQ

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