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IMAQdx : No acquisition in progress (after long time not triggered)

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I am using LabVIEW 2020 and IMAQdx.


I've written many LabVIEW vision applications, where I configured the camera acquisition as continuous (camera is continuously sending images to the PC), and that I just grab the next buffer when I need an image. This always worked without any problem.


Now in my latest application, I configured the acquisition as 'software triggered'. So the camera is never sending images, unless I send a software trigger to the camera, and I then grab the received images.


This also works. But I 've noticed that when I leave the setup alone for some time (an hour) without any triggers, and then I trigger the camera again and I try to grab this image, I get an error 'No acquisition in progress'(Error -1074360306).


'Ive set the windows 10 "Power Plan" to 'High performance', so that the PC never falls asleep.


Is there anything I can do?



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Which camera are you using ?



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Hi, we're using AVT Mako G-032B PoE cameras.

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Accepted by topic author ThomasV

Apperently it was a windows "Power plan"-setting after all.

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