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IMAQ Vision 5.0 for CVI: Is there a ready function that abstracts points from a ROI ?

Dear developers
I have been using IMAQ Vision 5.0 for CVI. I am trying to find a ready function that abstracts all the points from a ROI. If possible, from Top-Left-most to Bottom-Right-most of the ROI bounding box. I believe the low level codes that manipulate ROI have it. May be NI engineers could help. Many Thanks for your attention.


System specs:
Windows 98, 128 SDRAM, Pentium 1 GHz.
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Hello YY,

There is currently no single function to do this, but you could use the imaqROItoMask function to get a image of zeros and ones (the ones show where the ROI is). And then go through the array and find the ones, recording the location in another array.

Hope this helps,
Brad Buchanan
National instruments
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Hi Brad, Thanks for your nice idea. It's a quick solution and I am going to try it. But really hope NI could work out such function with faster codes rather than this indirect method.
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Hi YY,
I dont feel there is any readymade fuction available for your problem. But my suggestion would be that, you can get the ROI from the image and use the Image-to-Array function so that you can access the pixels very easily using the array functions. Also i feel this method will be fast. Once you are done, you can again convert the array to image.

Happy programming,
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