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I want to grab continously and image... and in the same screen display the real time adquired image in one display and in the other display.. the same image but delayed around 5 seconds...

If I understand correctly, you want two realtime displays. One is immediate, and one has a 5 second delay.

I have done something similar using LabVIEW. What I would do for this is set up a six second continuous loop of buffers. You can configure IMAQ to continuously acquire into these buffers. For display, there is a function that returns the most recently acquired buffer, which gives you your immediate realtime display. For the five second delay, figure out what the index of the image that was taken 5 seconds ago was, relative to the current image.

The only problem with this is needing six seconds worth of images in memory at all times. This requires a significant portion of memory. You also have to reconfigure the max number of images in MAX - it defaults
to fifty.

Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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