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I need to crop an image using IMAQ vision and vision assistant.

I am new to using IMAQ vision, but I am comfortable with Matlab image processing tools. I would like to crop an image using IMAQ vision around a certain region that is automatically determined before in the program. I would also like to know if there is a way to crop an image in half also. I believe if one of the questions is answered then both will be. Thank you in advance.
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You'll have to use the IMAQ ROIToMask function. The trickiest part is the definition of the Region of Interest (ROI descriptor)(located in the Region-of-Interest IMAQ subpalette), but by experimenting a bit, you should rapidly get the expected result.
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If I understand correctly, you just want to extract a part of the image. Conveniently enough, the IMAQ Extract vi does that for you. Use the optional rectangle to specify the area of interest, and set the X and Y step size to 1.

Bruce Ammons
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