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I have a customer looking for a high speed vision system 500 fps. Anyone been successfull (or not) with this kind of application with NI hardware?


How about more info? What are they trying to do with the images? Are you just trying to do a high speed acquire and process later?

Only digital cameras can usually handle these frame rates. I have used NI's 1422 board with no problems, but not with a camera with that fast of a frame rate. I really doubt you would have any problem, though. As long as the board supports the overall bit rate of the camera, you shouldn't have any problems.

If you need help finding a camera that is compatible with an NI board, contact Graftek.

Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Thanks Bruce,
That was about where I was before. I am looking for 3 cameras, all at 500 fps, to memory for storage and subsequent review. It looks like the Dalsa cameras have the specs but I am looking for some real experience that these components all work togther well.
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The digital boards can handle these high frame rates as long as the bytes/sec is within specs of the board, as Bruce mentioned. The question is still what you want to do with these images. You mentioned memory storage, how much memory will it take? The 1424 can have 80MBytes of onboard memory, so you could store it all there and then bring it to the host computer at your convienence. If you bring it directly to the host computer, keep in mind the maximum sustained bandwidth of the PCI bus is about 100 MBytes/sec and if you have 3 digital boards outputting data, this could be a limiting factor (overhead of the three boards communicating on PCI may reduce bandwidth also). Make sure you have plenty of RAM to hold all this data if you do bring it directly to t
he host computer. Graftek is very good at recommending specific cameras and Robert Eastlund with (a imageing alliance member witrh NI) has done these type of applications before and could give you more specific advise.

So in summary, our boards should have no problem withg high frame rates as long as the cameras meet our specs (pixel clock of 40MHz max and the new 1424's have a 100MBytes/sec max data transfer)

Hope this helps,
Brad Buchanan
National Instruments
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