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I Need on how to get x,y grey level values after IMAQ Count Object

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  I need help.

  I have include two drawing.  a. IMAQ Count Object detect 4 objects.  b. 7x7 matrix drawing

  In my drawing (white dot is the brightest), (black is the darkest) and (Red dot is the center) of detect object.


  I need to get 2 info from the detect object.

1.  Need to have (X,Y) location value of the (darkest/brightest pixel) in each detect object.

     I have a grey scale picture and use the IMAQ Count Object, I am able to get the object.

     IMAQ Count Object return the "Center of mass of the binary object detected" X,Y value.

     But, I need the X,Y value of the darkest and brightest pixel location (in one object area) in turn of (x,y).

     (for my drawing example, I will get 4 set of data.  each set of data returns drakest and brightest X,Y location)

2.  Return the grey level of darkest/brightest object in 7x7. (darkest and brightest will be in the center of matrix)

     I need to provide the grey level in 7x7 matrix.  the darkest or the brightest will be place at the center of matrix.


Thank you for your help.

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You can mask each particle, convert the image into an array and use the Array Min and Max VI to find the positions of the extrema.

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Hello p4keal:

  Thank you. 

  I will search and see how to use mask module and try the method you mention.


  Also, I am new to LabView, do LabView have any module that I can use for 7x7 or nxn matrix? (I need to get the value surround the Brightest and darkest point on detect objects)


Thank you.

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