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How to resize pixels in Vision.

I use the Vision Tools for Ultrasound-Imaging. I have the data in a 2D-Array (220x2502). In x-direction one pixel equals 128 us and in y-direction 1 pixel equals 6.15 us. If I display this picture, I get a very long one, because I don't know, how to tell IMAQ Vision that one pixel in y-direction has to be smaller. Can somebody tell me, how to do this? Thanks in advance.
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You can't display an image without using square pixels. If you want to make this image contain square pixels, you are going to have to resample the image.

A quick method is to use IMAQ Extract to reduce the y resolution by an integer factor. A factor of 21 would give you roughly square pixels.

Another possibility is duplicating the x pixels using IMAQ Expand, once again using the factor of 21.

A third possibility would be a combination of the two. Try Extracting with a y factor of 7, then Expanding with an x factor of 3.

You could also use IMAQ Resample to do all this in a single step, and it can handle non-integer factors. Just figure out what the size (resolution) of the final image should be, and it will interpolate to give you what you want.

Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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