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How to remove all vision and LV components completly from PC



On my Notebook I use LV2014, IMAQdx 14.0. , Vision Devolopment Modul 14.5.0. The OS is Win10Pro.

After installation of LV2019 it comes to some version conflicts. When I click on the camera in MAX I get the error 0xBFF69007. I tried tor remove all LabVIEW components with NI-Packet manager and installed my original configuration again. But without succest... I still get the same error. 

In this post problem was solved by windows reinstallation. But it is not possible for me. How I can clean up my PC from Vision SW and drivers?



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My work around was to download an VM Windows Image from Microsoft homepage and to install LV2014 + Vision SW there.


In the meantime I got a tip on this post concerning LV2018 from a colleague. But I did not test it, because I found a solution.

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