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How to pass and reject a nut ( particular dimension) using particle analysis. ?

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         My task is -

If I have nuts of  different diameter (say 1 cm, 2 cm ) , I have to pass 1 cm nut and all the other nuts are rejected. 


Can I use particle analysis for this ?

As I am new in NI Vision ,Please suggest me appropriate steps to proceed.


Thanks !




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Accepted by topic author shreya111
08-27-2015 04:09 PM
Yes, you can...
Select appropriate particle measurement you need and filter using particle filter.
for details on which particle measurement need to be used please refer:
-I hope you are aware of the fact, you need to calibrate if you want real world measurements.
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          I made a VI , It sometimes show area(pixels) of 3 particles and sometimes more than 3 particles. I am attaching my vi and respected snapshots. Is I am going on right track ? Please suggest me modifications as soon as possible.


Thanksparticle front panel.png

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-You are on right track...
-Depending on your requirement you need to tighten filter parameters, by adjusting parameters you can filter required particles only.
-Which filter parameter you are using to filter particles and why?
-Which particle is required to separate from the other in the image?
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          Suppose I have 3 nuts having diameter 0.6 cm, 0.8 cm and 1 cm respectively. I want to pass 1 cm nut and reject other ones with the help of their areas using particle analysis and it should also show its area on front panel.


I  chose Heywood Circularity factor in particle filter 3 vi and Heywood Circularity factor, Center of mass X and Area in Particle Analysis vi. 


The problem is , it sometimes accept another particles when I move the nut on another places .


I am attaching my VI and respected snapshot. Please give me valuable suggestions.

Waiting for favorable reply.





Final Particle FP 1.pngFinal Particle FP 2.png

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Hi Sir,

My case is more or less the same, use the vision to capture whether the screw nut is there.

So follow the same way ?


By the way, open CV and labview is more or less identical ? or be used in different field ?




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