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How to identify multiple QR codes in one image?



I am wondering how can I identify multiple QR codes of 21x21 Matrix size, when each one of them has different information decoded. 


In the attached VI using the IMAQ read QR code I can Identify one QR code each time without issue but I cannot identify both the same time. Only if I hide one of two. The left one in the captured .png has data: 1_Left and the right has data: 2_Right.

The aim is to extract the bounding box of all the codes and overlay to the image.


Which is the best approach to do that? 

(In the IMAQ read barcode 2 you can set the number of barcodes to read but in QR code you cannot.)




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Hi Harris,


The IMAQ Read QR Code VI is only capable of reading one QR code at a time. If you need to read multiple QR codes, you can call IMAQ Read QR Code twice and make sure that the ROI passed to this VI only contains one of the codes.


If the codes might move around within the image, you can try to do some kind of pattern matching to first locate the codes and place the ROIs accordingly.



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