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Machine Vision

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How to display number from data gather from a webcam?

From the webcam I want to acquire the display numbers that appear in the control system, and display only the number in labview. I have attach a picture that show the control system . I want the system to be update the number every second. 

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Run a few steps in a loop:


Acquire image from webcam

Convert to grayscale by extracting color plane

use IMAQ Read LCD to get the value of the number.


There will be some setup to figure out the ROIs for the digits.  I think there are examples that should help you with that.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Is the IMAQ LCD read comes with vision driver?

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IMAQ Read LCD is part of the Vision toolkit.  You would need the Vision toolkit to use it.


You could recreate the function by drawing ROIs around each segment, then using logic to figure out what digit it is, but that is time consuming.  The Vision toolkit has a lot of very useful tools that make image processing easy.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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I have attach of a copy of my block diagram, I have converted the picture in grayscale. When I use ROI it wont recognize the number, it display another number. 

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You have to do some training beforehand.  I think it takes the ROI you define and converts it to an array of ROIs, one for each digit.  I don't remember all the details at this time.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Take a look at the IMAQ Get LCD ROI VI. I think this is what Bruce is referring to.


Daniel V.

Applications Engineer

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Just try to implement using Vision assistant open the image. You can change the image resolution if needed because if image is too samll its difficult to do OCR

Use colour plane extraction (Mostly Luminance)Browse the .abc file (If not created create a  abc file and train the respective character)

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