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How to display image from linescan camera so that it has a definite edge?


I have a  Basler spL2048-70km and PCIe-1429 card for a linescan purpose. Have tried to use to display the image. But how could I setup a trigger to control the image display such that when an area is being scanned, it will show a static image (meaning inside predefined edges) in stead of a "running" video displaying the the same image being stiched together endlessly? or in other word, how to set the edge of the image?


Thanks in advance for any advice Smiley Happy

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With a linescan camera, you have two kind of trigger. One for triggering each line, in order to synchronize the acquisition speed to the object speed. This trigger is usually send by an encoder to the frame grabber. Another trigger can be used to trigger the start of a frame.

Take a look at the IMAQ Signal I/O subpalette. You can define the different triggers polarity and so long.


Hope this help

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