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How to acquire faster in Vision Builder and LabVIEW 2010?


When launching vbai from my desktop I get Open Inspection Warning: The validation of the inspection steps returns errors. : State: Inspect - Step 1: "Acquire..." is not available. State: Inspect - Step 1: "Acquire..." could not be initialized.


After pressing OK the first step is disabled and grayed out. -> This step is not supported on this target.


I can probably live with the low speed. When I don't transfer images my inspection runs pretty fast in LV (~10 iteration/s). I acquire image, create ROI, Measure Intensity and Update Inspection UI in VB. In LV I use Get Inspection in a loop and parse the intensity measurement out.




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You need to transfer the inspection to the target...if you try to open it on Windows, the Smart Camera acquisition won't work. Did you follow the directions from the previous comment about how to transfer an inspection from Windows to the smart camera? Let me know if you still have any questions/problems, but it sounds like you at least have a solution from LV. If the ROI is not based on any dynamic or previous points, you can just use the Measure Intensity step to define the ROI you want.

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