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How to access an Wireless IPcamera from Android Phone on the Labview Software?

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Currently on Android phones there is an App called Ipwebcam Compatible. What the app does it allows the camera to be used as an wireless IPcamera and displays the IPaddress.I am connected wirelessly through my own router. Is it possible to use this camera in labview. I have tried accessing in the LabView Vision Builder for Automated inspection. Also, I have had no luck and no indicators that its being detected within the software; however, I can veiw an access it just by typing in the given ipadress and port number. Any tips?

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Hi coolrthancoolio,


So right now the IP cameras that are supported are manufactured by Basler and Axis. Furthermore, the NI-IMAQdx driver that handles the support for IP cameras only supports IP cameras that provide MJPEG over HTTP. If the android app does use MJPEG images then there is a small chance that we can figure out a way to support. So I would check out to see whether or not that App falls into that category. That being said, if support is even a possibility, it would probably take a significant amount of time to integrate it with our drivers. This knowledgebase article speaks a little bit more about the cameras that we support. Let me know if you have any questions.


Paul M

National Instruments | Applications Engineer |
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Accepted by topic author coolrthancoolio

I'm interested in this too.  Did you ever get this working?




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yes i have....there are apps u can use on the iphone4 or android....its called iwebcamera for the iphone....what u have to do is download the iwebcamera software to your computer and download the app as well. once you get it working you have to be on the same network....then from there it will let u access it on labview....


same on android using... just find a webcam software....the only thing bad thing about it is that the wireless images received is lowered in quality tremendously....



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