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How to accelerate the processing time of pattern match

How to accelerate the processing time  of pattern match


  If my camera acquire an image in 50ms, but when we analyze this image with pattern match, we need about 300ms. Except using queue to seprate acquisition


and analysis to different loops, there is another way to directly accelerate the processing time  of pattern match ? Maybe compact rio with FPGA ?


But I saw a paper in NI web, there is no this function in c-rio ?  






Any suggersion will be very apperciated ~



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what matching algorithm are you using? You can reduce time using the Gaussian pyramids algorithm.You can fine tune the parameters using the advanced options.


What is your template size/image resolution?


I suppose using a computer with better performance would also work...


Best regards,


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Are you processing your image in cRIO?

I won't suggest you to do such application since cRIO's CPU is not fast enough to process image (especially "Pattern Matching").

However, you could get better speed if you are doing the patterm matching with higher CPU.


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Hi Ting


   I didn,t run this program in c-rio and just wonder to know there in another way to shrink the processing time of pattern match.


   Because we used 500W pixels camera to seek one pattern to determine this image could be use or not

(I already change picture to mono mode), it spent about 300 ms.


   We input image in 50ms and output outcome in 300 ms ,so after a while we got lots of images to wait be analyzed.


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Try to minimize the "ROI" for your pattern matching.

The larger ROI you are processing, the longer time you will get.

That means try not to match the whole picture, but just match a certain area.

If you can improve the mechanical so that each DUT's location are similar, you are able to minimize the ROI to match.

Go and negotiate with the engineers in the mechanical department and don't try to do "everything" with computer and software.

Especially when you are developing a vision system, improve the environment and lighting is way ahead of image processing.

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HI Ting1224


  Thinks for your suggestion. I will try to decrease the roi in the image.

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