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How can I take two simultaneous images from a NI PCIe 1430 board?Is it possible?

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I have two cameras (JAI - CV-M4+CL) and I would like to take two simultaneous images from them by a NI PCIe 1430 board using a external trigger. Is that possible? Is there another kind of solution for my problem? What I need is just two synchronized images aquisition!!!



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Accepted by topic author brunomarangoni

Yes, the 1430 has two completely independent acquisition engines that can acquire separate or simultaneously. You'd likely want to use some sort of trigger to trigger both cameras simultaneously since the cameras themselves would not be in sync otherwise. You could use the IMAQ board itself to generate a trigger if you like.



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Hi, Eric

Thank you. I want to trigger (simultaneously) my two cameras  by one trigger signal at SMB Trigger Connector of PCIe-1430, is it possible?


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I have a pcie 1430 grab card and a silicon imaging 1300MH_CL camera ,  I want to trigger each image continuously ,

the camera have a trigger line itself ,and the CC1 is said to trigger the camera ,which one to use ,

I should use pulse from another machine ,how to link the trigger , from the SMB on the grab card , or something else?

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Hi brunomarangoni,


To get your two boards to trigger at the same is pretty easy.  


  1. Just put a RTSI cable between the two 1430's.
  2. Use the "IMAQ Trigger Route 2" VI using the session of the board that receives the external trigger to route the external trigger onto a RTSI line.
  3. Use the "IMAQ Trigger Configure 3" VI on both boards to trigger their acquisitions on the RTSI line you routed the trigger to.
By routing the trigger signal to the RTSI line, both boards will see it and trigger off of it simultaneously.




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