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Hardware synchronized image acquisition


Hi friends,


Here is my system's hardware config:

2x NI 1433 frame grabber

1x NI 6323 Multifunctional DAQ

Interconnected using an RTSI.


Software setup:

3 counters Ctr0, Ctr1, Ctr2 to trigger each line (linescan), trigger each buffer and trigger the start of acquisition respectively.

2 Analog outputs AO0 and AO1 simultaneously to be run at the rate of ctr signal driving the trigger each line (linescan) i.e. at 30KHz or say 100KHz.


I wish to acquire 64 frames (B-Scans) each consisting of 1024 lines (A-Scans) each of length 2048px.


Please find the image named temp.png, it shows and enface image of a test target. For continuous acquisition, this image keeps repeating and does not shift (which could have suggested a triggering issue). I have also attached sample input data going into the AO0 and AO1 if someone wants to look into it.


Issues are:

1. the image does not start from the top. Starts from somewhere in between and that amount of frames are collected in the end for the next set of images.

2. two images are getting acquired instead of 1. 


I request the community to help me solve this issue. 


Thank you in advance.

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