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Hardware Malfunction NI PCI 8252 in Windows 7 x64


Hi everyone,


I need some help with this PCI card as it is giving me an error before reaching the Log On screen in Windows 7. This card works perfectly fine in Windows XP, but not Windows 7. The documentation for this card did not state anything related to Windows Vista/7, so I'm not sure if it is fully compatible with Windows 7.


I've performed the following tests below:

1. Insert PCI Card to a WinXP Environment and it worked fine.

2. Re-image the computer (HP) to a fresh Win7 and it failed.

3. Test PCI card with a different machine (DELL), failed.

4. Updated BIOS on the HP Machine, failed.


My machine is running on Windows 7 x64. Any other ideas that could possibly be giving me this error?

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Hi vangjer!


The PCI 8252 is supported on Windows 7 64-bit using our newest Vision Acquisition Driver 2013.09, as listed in the readme:


What is the error you're seeing before reaching the Log On screen in Windows 7? If you can provide more details I can look into this further. Thanks!

Emily C
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Emily,


I installed the latest driver onto my PC, but that didn't work either. I figured it should be compatible with Windows 7, as it is installed on a PCI Card, which should be plug-in play and auto detected by Windows that a new Hardware has been installed. But this error is ambiguous and I couldn't find any information whether it is working or not.


Below is an image that I took of the error. Normally happens before getting to the "Log On" screen of Windows 7. But sometimes the error would occur right after the "Log On" screen.



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Hi vangjer,


The driver for that card is actually from Microsoft (it is the standard OHCI driver Windows ships with) and that error you are seeing comes from something much lower than what the IMAQdx driver interacts with. That error means something on the firewire chipset acted in a way the motherboard didn't like. I've seen similiar reports of incompatibilities on older 1394a cards using the VIA chipsets (what the 8252 uses) such as


Here's my two suggestions to try:

- Try switching the OHCI driver for the card to the legacy one. Microsoft make some significant changes to the driver in Windows 7 which fixed some old bugs (and brought some new ones), but it was a complete re-write and the VIA chipset certainly pre-dated it. Some directions for swapping it are here: . This still may not fix it (since it could stem from a motherboard incompatibility that just happens to be triggered by a different configuration by Windows 7) but seems worth a shot.

- Upgrade to a newer 1394b chipset (like what the PCIe 8253 contains). Ones such as these with the TI chipset work really well and I've never seen any incompatibilies.





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Thanks Eric,


I figured your first suggestion makes sense - tried it to Legacy, but it didn't work. I had already ordered the NI-PCI 8253 and it works like charm. So in a sense, I think the PCI-8252 really isn't compatible with Windows 7.

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I think its compatibility with Windows 7 may be highly dependent on the motherboard it is on. I think that VIA chipset on the 8252 tends to be very picky and seems to have issues on a lot of motherboards (and they seem to get worse on newer versions of Windows).

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