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I am planning to use a IMAQ 1424 PCI frame graber bpard to interface to 2 dalsa linescan (4096 pixel) cameras. Here is my questions:
1) Has any one used 1424 with linescan cameras.
2) can I use one board to simultaneously get images from both cameras?
3)Do I need any external interface to support 2 cameras.

Thanks Any help in linescan imaging will be helpfull.
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The 1424 should work fine with linescan cameras. However, you can only connect one camera to one board. You will need either two 1422 or two 1424 boards, depending on the camera's bit rate. With two separate boards, you will be able to simultaneously acquire images.

For more information about using linescan cameras and hooking them up to NI boards, I recommend talking to Robert Eastlund at Graftek (512)416-1099. He can help you figure out what cameras, lenses, cables, boards, etc. you need to use for your application.

Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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