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GigE driver installation fails with a bluescreen

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I am currently trying to install the Vision Acquisition Software (Version 19.5) on a Windows 10 64-Bit PC. But I always get a bluescreen together with a PC restart when he tries to install the GigE driver (not the high-performance one, I tested it also without this option). The blue screen tells me that there was a "kernel security check failure" and that's it.


This software package is installed here at many other Win10 PCs (ok they are all Enterprise-versions and not a Home-version) and there it is working without problems.

Does anyone have an idea what I can do to get the installation working?


Thx, Greetings Dennis

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Hi Tyri

Try to go through this article steps to solve the problem. 

And the one of the workarounds is to remove IMAQ I/O support for the R-series cards (1483, 1473R, 8237R, 825xR) as indicated here:, Do custom installation of Vision Acquisition and excluded IMAQ I/O. 



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thanks a lot. This was part of the solution.

The other one was that we had installed two additional network cards for cameras in the PC prior to the installation. In the device manager there were no errors shown so we thought everything is fine.

But as soon as we deinstalled both cards and did not try to install IMAQ I/O for R-series cards it was working.

Afterwards we could reinstall the network cards and the device manager still shows no errors (I need to test it with cameras connected but I see no reason why it should not work now).

So I think the result is: It was some driver incompatibility issue.


Greetings Dennis

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