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GigE Vision Camera Connection

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I'm developing a GigE Vision Camera.

I want to connect our GigE Vision camera to NIMAX.

When first connecting GigE Vision Camera, I can see NI-IMAQdx Devices list. ("cam0:mycamera")

When I click "cam0:mycamera", an IMAQ Error is occurred.

Error Message is "Unable to load camera's XML file".


Attached file is the packet that the problem is occurred.

NI MAX send "Read Memory" command for retrieving the XML device configuration file. 

(Packet No 11, 13 : Address 0x200, 0x400 Memory Read Command)

GigE Vision Camera send response.

(Packet No 12, 14 : XML First Choice of URL , Second Choice of URL)

I think packet number 12 and 14 are wrong data, but I can't find the wrong point.

Please advice me on this problem.

I would be greateful to receive the sample packet.


Thank you.


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Accepted by topic author hkgige

Hi hkgige,


These types of questions might be best suited to the GigE Vision standard committee mailing list which I assume your company would be a member of to be developing a camera adhering to the GigE Vision standard.


However, I did take a look at your packet trace and I don't see anything that looks obviously incorrect. One reason why the software might stop after reading the two URLs is that it thinks it has already downloaded the file previously. These are cached in a directory on your local system (usually C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data\XML on Vista and Windows 7). Check if you have the XML file for your camera there.


The error you are getting usually indicates that GenICam has some trouble parsing your camera's XML file. If you attach the XML file itself I could see if that is the problem.



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Thank you for your reply.

XML file is already downloaded local system.

The XML file was causing the problem.


Thank you

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I am meeting the same problem with you,

Could you tell me how to do?

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In my case... the XML file caused the problem.

I fixed the XML errors.

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here is my xml file,when using our application in pc, everything is ok!

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what kind of vrsion software do you use?

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I use NI MAX 4.6 for Image acquition test.


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Colud you pls share your xml file?


Thank you!

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