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Getting error 0xBFF69002 in MAX for AVTGUPPY camera


I am getting error 0xBFF69002 "Invalid Parameter" in MAX while using AVTGUPPY camera.

The Camera is ALLIED Vision Technologies Guppy camera.

The camera is listed in MAX. But when I click on the camera the above mentioned error pops up.

Can anyone provide me a solution for this issue.


Thanks in advance...

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Can you put a screenshot showing how it is listed in MAX? It might be using the default Windows driver rather than IMAQdx.



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Hi Eric,


The screeanshot is attached...


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Hey Maverick,


I am not sure whether you have resolved your issue or not, but I had a similar issue with a customer, I went through the troubleshooting steps listed in this KB.


If none of these steps help, my customer was able to change the video mode and acquisition settings to a slower rate using the company's camera software and refreshed his view in MAX and the error cleared up, and he was able to grab images successfully.


Hope this helps,


A. Zaatari

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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