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GPIO ports of VBAI

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Dear all,

            i am working on VBAI script for sports cap inspection method. i am using GigE Baumer VCXG-24C camera. Now i want to use GPIO port to glow tower light. is anyone help me how to use GPIO port to write signal from a camera and glow tower light through VBAI script? which function should i use in the script?

Thank you in advance.

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I had to look up what VBAI was -- I'm assuming it is Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, a part of the NI Machine Vision system.  Would you like me (or a Moderator) to move this Post to the Machine Vision Forum (listed under Most Active Hardware Boards)?


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author viplav123

If you want to use the IO of the camera, there is a Read/Write Camera Attribute step in VBAI to access the attributes of the camera. There will be IO attributes as well as many others that you can read or write from this step in VBAI. You may need to read the camera user manual to ensure you connect the signal from the camera correctly and ensure it has the expected voltage/current to drive your tower light.


You can also the DAQ step in VBAI if you need a digital output that has a different voltage range or more current.


Hope this helps,


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Hi Brad

i have check the IO attribute of VBAI and also tried. what i want to know how i will glow light from GPIO when any step is fail.

please explain me in detail.

Thank you for your reply. 

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