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Find circle VI error (IMAQ Vision: Invalid image type.)

I am reading gray 14 or 16 bit images with a ccd. I want to find circles in those images. i am using the vi find circle but i got the same proble every time: "IMAQ Vision:  Invalid image type.". i am thresholding my image before because i though the problem was that it was not a binary image but even with the threshold the error is the same. There is any special characteristic with the threshold that I do not know or something ????. I also try with the other VIs that use binary images and they dont work neither but when i use other VIs that do not need a binary image they work (IMAQ EdgeDetection). This is why I guess that the problem is the threshold VI. That is not giving a binary image.


thanks for your help

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IMAQ Find Circles only works on U8 images. Cast the resulting binary image to U8 prior to calling IMAQ Find Circle and it should work.



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yes but if i do that now the error is: IMAQ Vision:  The image is not large enough for the operation.

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the part of the vi looks like this:

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I tried your code and it worked without any problems in LV 2010.

Can you attach a sample image you are using?



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