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FLIR Blackfly S PoE GigE compatibility

Thanks in advance for any help


I've been working with a rep from Edmond Optics to spec out camera/lens combinations that suit our application.  His recommendation was to use:

1) Camera: BFS-PGE-63S4C-C PoE GigE Blackfly S, Color Camera (

2) Lense: 25mm UC Series Fixed Focal Length Lens


It's been a long time since I've done any vision work so I'm asking for feedback on this selection.


The camera is not listed under the NI Supported Cameras list, but I'm assuming that since it is GigE it will work with IMAQdx.

The FLIR website leads me to believe that this camera should work.  ( and (


Has anyone used this camera with LabVIEW+IMAQ?


Any advice or feedback or comments would be very appreciated.







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Hi Denis,


I am a software engineer on the Vision Acquisition Software team and often work on validating cameras with NI software. Unfortunately the NI supported cameras list is out of date, but you are correct in assuming that anything GigE compliant should work with IMAQdx. I currently have a BFS-PGE-13Y3M-C at my desk (this is another PoE GigE Blackfly S Color camera) and it works really well with IMAQdx. We have a good relationship with the Point Grey (now a division of FLIR) engineering team so we test their new cameras and communicate with them if any compatibility issues arise.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks so much for the reply.


This is exactly what I had hoped to hear...



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