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Error code 0xBFF600EB with NI PCI-1428 Frame grabber



I'm currently using NI PCI-1428 frame grabber and I keep getting error message:



Error message:


The following IMAQ devices failed initialization:

Serial Number 0x00000000

Error 0xBFF600EB: The image acquisition device is not operating correctly and cannot be initialized.



Windows device manager says that the card is working properly. I reinstalled the newest drivers but I still keep getting the same error when I open the Measurement & Automation program.


I found one thread with different card but the same error code and the solution was to update newest drivers and if that doesn't work, send the card to NI.


Is this also the case with my frame grabber device?



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Dear Garzaa,


I'm sorry to hear about this problem. I couldn't find much internal information regarding this code. Where do you see this problem, can you try the car in Measurement and Automation eXplorer (MAX), does it work here? If not; is it possible for you to try the card in another PC with only the driver and MAX installed?



Best regards,

Martijn S
Applications Engineer
NI Netherlands
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Hi Garzaa,


That error code is generated when the board is being initialized, and the driver is not able to talk correctly to one of the chips on the board.  Unfortunately, getting this error indicates that the board has almost certainly failed, and needs to be sent in for repair.



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