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Error Code 2147220969

I am attempting to use a DirectShow webcam and stream the video to a window in Labview. When i load up the examples for doing this and run them, a dialog box pops up citing an "unknown error" code 2147220969. reguardless of which example i try this occurs. searching for this error cites a translated page but the link cited is broken. The PC is running windows 7 with LabView 2010. the error is occuring in the configuration portion of the VI. any insight into what could be causing this would be great!





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That looks like it is an error code returned by your webcam's driver. You'd have to inqure from that vendor what that error might mean... One option is that the particular video mode (in particular the format of the mode) might not have correct filters available. I suggest trying the camera inside MAX and trying different video modes and see if any of them work. You can then save those settings as the default.


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