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Error 1097 while taking snapshots from FLIR GigE camera

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Hello, I am a new LabVIEW user,

I am using LabVIEW to control my custom-built setup which consists of a stepper motor, LED's and a Camera. Basically, the motor rotates a petri plate with bacteria on top, the LEDs are the light source, and the camera takes and saves the images. That way I can image multiple plates at once.


My LabVIEW vi "get-camera" is giving an error 1097 when I press on the take snapshot button; the problem seems to be with the moveblock function that is used here.


Just to clarify I did not create this vi, this was created at another institute, and it works perfectly fine over there.

I have tried solutions on this forum on how to solve error 1097 but to no avail. I am new to LabVIEW so I thought it would be better to ask.

I have attached the vi and screenshots of the problem with this post.

Any help will be appreciated.



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You're right, it looks the problem is in the moveblock function.  I'm guessing that this function accesses the camera, and outputs an image array.  Since it is accessing a DLL, most likely you have not installed the driver for this camera on this computer.  (The driver usually includes the DLL.) 


If you have installed the driver already, then you'll have to get support from the camera manufacturer.  You can't really debug from a generic error message such as Error 1097...

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@RIObotics you are absolutely right. It is a driver issue. The institute I got it from programmed it for use with a USB camera driver. I have a GigE camera, so I will have to adapt the code for it maybe even write a new code. Should I be using IMAQdx instead of IMAQ?

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Yes, IMAQdx is the driver to use.  It supports GigE Vision cameras, USB3 cameras, and firewire 1394 cameras.  This is a part of the NI Vision Acquisition Software package, you can read more about it here:


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