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Error -1074396006 "Unknown codec" when creating multiple videos with a system codec

Windows 8.1
LabVIEW 2018 SP1 f4
Vision Development Module 2018-2019 SP1


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new VI (or see;
  2. Create 2+ videos simultaneously using IMAQ AVI2 Create VI:
    1. Use any system codec (not built in) for the Codec terminal;
    2. Specify a non-existent file path for the AVI Path terminal (probably);
  3. Re-launch LabVIEW;
  4. Run the VI.

Expected Result:

All videos created successfully.


Actual Result:

First video created successfully, second video fails with an error -1074396006 "Unknown codec".

The error occurs only at first run after LabVIEW launch.


With VDM 2018 SP1 this issue was reproducible after almost every LabVIEW launch.

With VDM 2019 SP1 it still happens, but quite rarely. To reproduce it close LabVIEW completely and run the batch file in a VI folder (see TestAVIParallelOpen.bat). It will re-launch LabVIEW with the VI until the error occurs.



Call IMAQ AVI2 Get Codec Names VI before calling IMAQ AVI2 Create VIs (see


Reported to NI with SR #7810318.

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NI Technical Support wrote:

CAR 1077282 created.


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