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Error 1074395628 occurred at IMAQ Match Geometric Pattern 2

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I really need help with this geometric program I am doing.

  1. In the first block, I am getting the information from the initial frame of the .avi video.
  2. I then make a rectangular bound around the frame and cut it into a template for the matching process.
  3. I was originally using Labview's "Geometric" and replaced the folder of files with an AVI Vision Acquisition module, as well as changing the template image.
  4. It says I have an invalid geometric matching template image. How do I make the template image able to work while keeping the program that analyzes each frame of the .avi files?

I have included the Geometric Matching program I've edited. The Traffic.avi file is the same as the one used for the Object in Labview Example Folder. I would appreciate any insight or help and am desperate to get this program to run. Thank you!



Venus Luong

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04-25-2019 05:07 AM

Hey venus.luong,


If you check the Details section of the help documentation for the IMAQ Match Gemoetric Pattern 2 VI, it gives the following 2 methods to configure a template image.

NI Vision Help - Configuring a Template Image.pngIMAQ Match Geometric Pattern 2 VI - Help Documentation

  1. Have you tried integrating in the IMAQ Learn Geometric Pattern VI to create the template, as mentioned above?
  2. Also, have you seen this community forum thread yet? It may provide some more insight as well. It's my understanding that the IMAQ Match Geometric Pattern 2 VI requires a monoscale image template.
  3. It appears that you are sending a color (RGB U32) image as the template. Have you tried implementing the IMAQ Match Color Pattern VI?


Best regards,

Ryan B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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