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Do I need the NI Vision Software Module?

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If I'm just aiming to capture and store (no analysis) via a PCIe-8242, is it possible to avoid buying the software package?


Alternatively is there a different approach for doing what I'm asking?


I noticed my camera company has an API that I might be able to use with LabWindows. Maybe I can get away with that.



Also is it possible to stream a live feed to LabWindows without NI Vision?

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If you have NI Vision hardware (PCIe-8242), the Vision Acquisition Software license is included with the purchase. The Vision Acquisition Software API supports capture and store of images, and there are examples you can use as a starting point to do that with your camera. For analysis you'd need to make an additional purchase of the Vision Development Module license, but since you don't need that functionality, you should be fine with the included Vision Acquisition Software license.


See this page for more info:


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Thank you sir. 

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