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Data Logging VBAI on the CVS 1456 without Labview

I was wondering if there was a way to save the data logs in a different format in the CVS with VBAI.  In other words, not just as a text file, or atleast not in the format you have it set as.  For example, the Match Pattern step will have five lines of data, whereas, the Count Pixels will have two.  This makes it more difficult to grab this data and plot it.  Since the CVS is based on FPGA technology, are there any downloads available to install into these CVS' to do this?  We own 4 of the CVS1456 and have at least 5 different inspections being done on each vision system and these run for 8-12 hours per day, 5-6 days a week.  So there is a lot of data being logged, and they all have different features to look at and different inspection steps.  Is there a simple way of getting the text files to be charted out without using Microsoft software (ie. Access, Excel).  I know your competitors make this software available for free (I won't name them unless you'd like me too), what do you have that can make the process of charting data more simple?  I can't purchase Labview.  What other options do you offer?  Thanks for your help. 

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With VBAI 2.6 developers can build there own LabVIEW-VI and call it in VBAI. With the AddOn VBAI Developer Kit they can create VBAI-Steps developed with LabVIEW. If you would not like to do this by yourself, may be one of our integrator could help you. Creating your own VI let you use a customized format.
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Thank you for replying to my question.  So you are saying that you and/or NI support staff are willing to send me the desired VI's as a free support?  Like I said, I am unable to purchase a newer version of Labview... we have version 6i... financially can't be done at this time.  thank  you
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A lot of system integrators develop applications (VIs also) based on NI hard- and software. I am quite sure some of them would be happy to help you. But unfortunately, the will do it not for free.
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