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Control FPGA doesn't initialize properly in NI-1422



We recently moved two of our NI-1422 framegrabber boards to a new machine (the old one died).


When we open NI-MAX we get the following error message: "Error: 0xBFF600B9: Internal Error: The control FPGA did not initialize properly. Please contact National Instruments for technical support."


In devices and interfaces, only one of the cards is listed under NI-IMAQ devices.


The cards were purchased in 2003 and we have never had any issues with any of the cards before.


Can someone please help me with troubleshooting this issue? What does the control FPGA do?


What is the cause of this problem? Is it the age of the card, mis-handling, or loose connection?









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The control FPGA is the "brain chip" of the 1422.  When the driver boots up it runs a consistency check on the FPGA to ensure it appears to be working correctly.  The BFF600B9 error means that this consistency check failed.


There are multiple reasons that this could occur, but by far the most likely is that the FPGA itself has failed.  The most likely cause of the failure, given what you described, is that there was an inadvertent static discharge when the board was moved between machines.


On the off chance that the problem is not a part failure, you could try moving the board into a different machine and see if that addresses the issue.  However, it seems nearly certain that the board has failed, and you will need to get it serviced.






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