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Connection between labview and VBAI on real time machine



First, I apologize if some of similar topics are already opened. I am new in vision system with VBAI.



I want to make start-up labview application on compactRIO IC-3173, which will turn on VBAI program behind labview and make image processing. Is that possible?

I find API for communication between VBAI and Labview, but I do not exactly know, if it is possible on same real time machine.

I also created project where I want to run VBAI Interface - Enumerate VBAI Engines VI. I build up .llb and copy with VBAIInterface.dll into startup directory. When I reboot machine it says: Resource not found. VBAIInterface.dll . An error occured loading "VBAI Interface - Enumerate VBAI"




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Here's a website with a lot of useful links to learn more about using VBAI on Real-Time targets, like the IC-3173.


Just launch VBAI on windows, the splash screen will show targets on the local subnet that you can configure/install VBAI to and once VBAI is running on the target, you can connect from the VBAI on your windows machine to configure your inspection on the target. You can also choose the local machine to develop your inspection on, but in your case, you will want to select the IC-3173.


Once you have developed an inspection on the target, you can go to Target>>Configure Target Options to setup the start up inspection so the configured inspection starts every time the target boots up.


Here's a video I found that show how to connect to an RT target from VBAI on Windows. If VBAI is not installed on the target, you may need to right click on the target in the splashscreen and Configure to install VBAI on the target.


Here's a link with pictures on setting up a startup inspection on your target:


Hope this helps,



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Yes, I already done this step as you described.


Now, I want to launch labview as startup and from labview I want to start VBAI behind. But do not know if it si possible...




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There are two options I can think of:

1. Keep VBAI as the startup app and have the VBAI inspection use Run LV VIs to accomplish your custom LV code.

2. Migrate the inspection to LV and incorporate this in your LV start up application. This can be tricky since the generated code is complex and some types of resources may not get configured correctly when running on RT since most of our testing with generated code is on Windows.


The API cannot be used on RT, only on Windows to connect and communicate with either local VBAI engines on Windows or remote engines on targets.

Hope this helps,


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Yes, as you said I can not use API. This is answer which help me to not discover further, but take one of two options you described.




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