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Connecting Basler GigE Kamera with cRIO 9082

Dear NI-Community,


As part of my master's thesis, I would like to measure bending angles in real time using a camera. I am using a Basler GigE camera (acA1600 - 60gm) with a CompactRIO 9082. My current network structure can be found in Figure 1 on the left in the attachment. Both the camera and the cRIO are connected to a computer/laptop via a switch. The camera measures the bend angle on a LabView VI, which runs on the PC. The cRIO processes the sensor data deterministically. The problem is that, for example, due to a higher load on the CPU of my laptop (by other applications such as Youtube), the loop duration is not the same for each run. As a result, my sensor data and my bending angles are not synchronized, which is very problematic for a real-time application.


One possible solution would be to connect the camera and sensors to the cRIO so that both images and sensor data are captured deterministically. The desired network structure can be seen in Figure 1 on the right. My question to you now would be if it is possible to connect the GigE camera to the cRIO so that images can be captured and processed on a cRIO VI. Furthermore I wonder if it is then also possible to use the vision acquisition software (like in the picture bending angle acquisition VI) on a VI that would run on the cRIO. Here it could be problematic that the necessary drivers do not exist.


Thanks for your help in advance!



CompactRIO 9082

Basler GigE camera (acA1600 - 60gm)

Lenovo Z51



Windows 10

Labview 2019 (Real-Time-Module, CompactRIO, CompactRIO Device Drivers, Vision Development Module)

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Hello Gabson,


You should not face issues while executing your code on your cRIO target and make the necessary measurements.

I hardly doubt that the drivers are not available for cRIO, in fact they are available:



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