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Confused by IMAQ MASKToROI2

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I need an annular mask in my image, so I 'm using IMAQ Convert Annulus to ROI to define the region to be masked. I then feed the output, ROI Descriptor, into IMAQ MASKToROI2, which creates the mask I want. BUT ... it also creates a "background" inside the annulus, which is exactly where I want to see my original image. Is there a way to make this background transparent?


Or, is there a better way to create an annular mask?


Thanks in advance.


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Hey another_novice,

Can you post your code for us to look at? How do you have ROIToMask 2 VI configured? If we can take a look at what you are seeing, it will be easier to work to a solution.



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Thanks for the reply. Actually I figured it out last night. Let me explain for the benefit of anyone else who struggles with the same.


To create an annular mask I used Convert Annulus to ROI and fed that into ROI To Mask 2. What I then needed to do (and the step I was missing when I posted by question,) was to take the output from ROI To Mask 2 and feed that in to IMAQ Mask as the Image Mask. (The original image is Image Src.) This has the effect of making pixels in my source image black (0) if they were black in the annular mask.


Basically, I was creating the mask but not applying it to my image. Hope this helps anyone else who's struggling with the same.



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