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Configuring NI PCIe-1437 frame grabber for 80-bit wide, 5-tap, 16-bit/pixel data collection

Table 1 of the PCIe-1437 user manual ( indicates this frame grabber supports 80-bit wide, 5-tap, 16-bit/pixel Camera Link transfer mode.  Version 18.0 of NI's Camera File Generator application does not have this mode as a selectable option to create an .icd file for this frame grabber.  As best I can tell, 18.0 is the most recent version of this utility.


Does anyone know how to configure the 1437 frame grabber for this mode, either through the Camera File Generator app or manually editing the .icd file?   An example .icd file for another camera that operates in this mode and works with the 1437 may give me enough clues.


Note I am configuring this for use with a custom camera/electronics.  This is the first time attempting to use it with an NI frame grabber, though the camera has been successfully interfaced to other Camera Link frame grabbers while operating in this mode.

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