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Does NI software support the CoaXPress framegrabbers? I'm thinking about these Basler cameras:


CoaXPress 2 uses GenTL, which is a module of GenICam providing a unified mechanism for grabbing and streaming images from the camera.  So perhaps IMAQdx already has support?

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Hi D*,


We do not currently support third party CXP frame grabbers from our driver. Some frame grabber manufacturers have created their own LabVIEW wrappers. If you'd like to get more insight on our CXP plans you can direct message and we can set up an email or call to get you more details. 


Have a great day!

Matt G.
Product Manager
National Instruments
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Another possibility to consider is the 10GigE cameras.  I am told they work just like GigE cameras, just 10x faster.  You have to buy a 10G ethernet interface board, but MAX can't even tell the difference.  I haven't had a chance to verify it yet, but we are looking at an SVS camera for a project.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Yes indeed, 10GigE (or we should say 10GigE Vision) cameras are handled through IMAQdx the same way as any other GigE Vision camera.

However, 10GigE interface although it is fast is still far beyond the maximum capabilities of Coaxpress. But of course, it depends on what the camera is requiring.


And by the way Bruce, SVS Vistek cameras are a very good choice ! (ok, this is a SVS distributor speaking 😉, but I truly mean it !).


Sami Fathallah

Technical Manager

Opto France

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I'm always happy to see we are not the only ones requesting Coaxpress ! 😊

The coming of next generation Sony sensors as well as GPixel ones for instance should definitely establish Coaxpress as the most available interface and make CameraLink obsolete.



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Highlighted  we can help you here with our Claxon line of CXP-12 frame grabbers.  We also have a Claxon CXP1 specifically for use with single link CXP12 cameras.   And you can actually see the camera in action here


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