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Capture images from multiple cameras simultaneously with NI PCIe-8233

Hi Everyone,


I'm using the NI PCIe-8233 and 3 cameras Basler ace acA1280-60gc for a system of recognizing faults in objects.
For this I need to capture simultaneous images. How can I do it?


Best Regards

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Hello Diuda!


There are 2 ways of synchronizing the Acquisition from your cameras, as you can see here:  Under "Camera Data" section. 


1- Hardware synchronization:

Use the camera's Digital input as a trigger to acquire the images on the 3 cameras. all from the same source. 

2-Use software synchronization by configuring on NI-MAX the trigger on the cameras in a way that the acquisition in camera A will be a Digital output that triggers the cameras B and C. 



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