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Cant see a Basler Scout scA1390-17c in Max

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I´m having problems whith a camera Basler Scout scA1390-17c. I have been working abuot tree month whit this camera and suddenly one day dissapear fom MAX.
I have reinstalled the IMAQdx driver and probed in three different CPUs without sucess. The only symptom of the camera is that it can connect to the GigE interface.
I also tryed downloading the Pylon driver from basler and followed all the instructions from the manual (scout-g_users_manual.pdf), without succes too.
I dont have idea about what could be happening, so I`ll be waitink for help.
Labview 8.5
NI Vision Module 8.5
MAX 4.3.0f0
Also I have probed with LV an Vision Module 8.2
Thank You and sorry for my english.
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Hi Juanjo, good afternoon.
Do you know exactily when it starts to "crash"? Try to do the steps shown at the link below.
Why Doesn't My Firewire (IEEE-1394) Camera Show Up in Measurement and Automation Explorer?
Let us know if you have more doubts.
Filipe Silva
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Hi Filipe,
I readed the link you point to me, but my camera is GigE.
We suppose is a hardware problem and because of lack of time we have sended the camera to Basler.
ThankYou, and as soon as I have news from Basler, I`ll let you know.
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Accepted by topic author Juanjo339



It was a hardware problem.

Sorry that I forgot to post that

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