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Can PCIe 1429 be triggerd using DAQmx 6221 in MAX itself ??



We are using a Basler camera, DAQmx 6221 and IMAQ PCIe 1429. Connected the DAQ 6221 and 1429PCIe card by RTSI cable physically. Now intend to trigger the camera with PCIe1429 by DAQ 6221 in MAX itself and not use LAb VIew. I did look around for a couple pf days in these forums on how to do it, but have not found anything. Could any one please help with this.




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Oh! I  meant that Not use LAbview VI  and accomplish it in MAX itself. Looking forward for replies!
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I think you cant do it in max. What do you intend to do in max? you want to build an application right? You can only tweak with certain settings inmax and not use max like a vision builder.
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Could you please tell how it can be done in MAX. How can one give DAQ 6221 trigger to the camera using IMAQ PCIe1429 in MAX.

 Actually we have our own software for this, but wanted to test in MAX first. Thanks! 

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but wanted to test in MAX first


What exactly do you want to test?

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There is no way to route a trigger from a DAQ card to a framegrabber in MAX.  This would need to be done by writing a simple LabVIEW test program.  MAX is only intended for testing basic hardware operation and verifying that the signals are connected correctly.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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Hi pg41,


I noticed that you have created 4 separate forum threads on this exact same topic today and created a phone support request on the same topic as well.  As has been said other places, parallel processing does not work well in the forums.  Please keep each question to one forum post.  This helps other posters to make sure that they have all of the information and better serves you in the end.  Posting across multiple forums is not recommended and will not gain you any more help than 1 post would from the forum regulars.

Stephen Meserve
National Instruments
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I have a similar setup. In my case the output of the PCI-6221 card designated for generating the trigger signal goes to the SMB connector on the PCIe-1429 card. Can I make this work, while observing camera output in MAX?

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