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Can I use ISC-1782 smart camera like a local GigE/USB camera?



My ISC-1782 smart camera (NI Linux Real-Time version) is working well by deploying an example NI-IMAQdx image acquisition VI (Grab (178x Smart Camera)) to the camera as a remote system. But I want to use this camera with many other LabVIEW functions that cannot be deployed to the camera (e.g., play a sound file). Is there any way I can use this smart camera as a local GigE or USB camera connected to a laptop without deploying any VI to the camera? I tried using NI-IMAQdx Open Camera directly in LabVIEW but cannot find and connect the camera. 


Please advise how to solve this problem. Thanks!


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I don't think that is possible, but I'd be happy to be corrected by NI.

Try it with "Vision Acquisition Express" .. just to be safe

Two possible solutions

- some sort of handmade stream

I would probably deploy a minimal acquisition with a shared image variable in VBAI: and then just read that variable... plus maybe a counter (so I can see that there is a new pic)

Other links that could be interesting.


- or you could try  "faking" a GigE camera by implementing parts of that TCPIP based protocol by hand. It's comparably easy to fool NI MAX/IMAQdx into thinking they are talking to a GigE camera. 

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Thanks a lot for your reply on two possible solutions. I will try VBAI method to see if it is working. I am also interested in your "faking" GigE camera method. Could you please provide some details on how to "implement parts of that TCP/IP based protocol by hand? Should I use "IMAQdx Discover Ethernet Cameras" VI first to find the smart camera?


Thanks a lot!


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