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Can I link NI smartcam to control Motion Driver


Hi There,


We have a project in our company to automatically correct the dimensional offset in our product. Since we're already using NI Smartcam in our machine is it possible to use the measurement result of the NI smartcam to control the motion driver and automatically teach the position of the motor in real-time. If yes what are the parts / items that I need to purchase to make it happen. Looking forward for positive response. Thank you and God Bless

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Hi Rozz,


Are you running Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) or LabVIEW on the SmartCamera? What motion hardware/software do you currently have that you are trying to use with this system? You will not be able to directly drive a motion system from the SmartCamera but you can export information from it to determine what to send to your motion system.



Kira T

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There are actually some types of motors with stages built in so all they need is TTL pulses or serial commands to control where they go. If you use a motor with this kind of input, the smart camera can directly control it. If the drive is not built in, motors typically require too much current to drive with standard TTL or ISO outputs and so that;'s when a seperate motion stage is required. It all depends on what kind of motion HW you have.

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Hi Kira,


First , thank you for responding in my post. Actually we are only using VisionBuilder and regarding to the motor we havent decided yet what motor hardware we will purchase. We are in the process of conceptualization and design. If Smartcam can send information direct to NI motor driver w/ the needs of additional hardware controller then we may simply purchase the NI Servo Motor and Driver for easier configuration. Can you specify or recommend what Item I should purchase to make my project work as far as motor actuation is concern.

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Hi Brad,


Good Day, thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. By the way do you have the model or brand of motor that has this capability to directly control the input send by smartcam. thanks in advance

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It looks like these can take standard ISO Outputs


These are very small/weak/inexpensive motors that can take serial commands:


These guys have "smart motors" but I couldn't easily tell how to drive them, but usually "smart" motors means the drive is integrated and easier to control with simple communication/I/O.


It might be worth calling these companies and talking with support to find out more. I just did a search for "motor integrated drive"


I know we used one at an NI Week demo to drive with a smart camera directly, so I'll find out what motor that was and get back to you.


Hope that helps,


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It looks like we might use a Kollmorgen motor for a demo where the samrt camera controls the motion. You might want to check with them to see what options they have for motors that meet your specific needs and provide a simple way to use low amp lines to drive speed/direction or even serial to control the motor.


Hope this helps,


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