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Camera link to FPGA development board

My FPGA is on my camera, so it acquires the image, then sends it to the camera link chipset.
From there it goes to the PC where another FPGA on the cameralink frame grabber board starts the image processing.

Building CL boards is easy if you just use the NatSemi Channel Link chips.  I did a simple 2 layer design and had the boards build by Express PCB.  $20 each for bare boards isn't too bad for small quantities (you get 3 for $60)
Chips are big enough you can hand solder them (well I can anyway).

Contact me directly for more info.

Gavin at pcg dot wustl dot edu
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hey Marc!
this is Aali khan agian. I have purchased this board with external camera link module
Inrevium FPGA Board with external CL board
i also have NI PCIe 1427 frame grabber
and finally Camera Sony V500.
do you have any simple example code for CL?? so that i can test simple program to varify the whole system


Aali khan

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Did you encounter any ground issues when you connected your board to the camera?  Did you use a zero ohm resistor between the Camera Link grounds and your ground?  Did you use your ground for the Camera Control signals and the serial cantrol lines?  I see in the Nation literature where there is some discussion about keeping the Camera ground out of your system but I do not see where most people bother with that.

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I just used 0 ohms or a chip inductor to connect the various grounds. Didn't have any problems with teh NatSemi chips at all, I built the camera end and connected to an EPIX frame grabber that has the FPGA on it to do all the work I wanted (and more)best of all that software is written and supported.  see epixinc (dot) com



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Thanks.  Good stuff.
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Dear All,

 I have to design a Cameralink transmitter as a part of a student project. I am so much confused about the groundings and interfacing the DS90CR287 chip to the FPGA.
Has anybody an example  schematic or layout to solve my problem.

 Thanks in Advance.

Kurtul Mehtap

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I am also finding a similar problem. I am interfacing DaVinci Advance processor with DeSerializer. But DaVinci accepts only BT1120 format of video data and output is not that format. So how can i convet it in BT 1120 format. Can anyone help?





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