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Camera file generator and serial communication



I recently acquired a Baumer camera and a NI 1433 frame grabber. The acquisition works fine, however I can't manage to send any commands to the camera through labview.

Sending the serial commands through the manufacturer config tool works.

The camera file given by the manufacturer only covers the basics (not even exposure time or frame rate!). I tried controlling the camera through the clsernat.dll commands, however the clGetNumPorts and clSerialInit function never return any error even if the camera is unplugged (that tells me something is going wrong).

I then tried to create my own set of properties though the camera file generator. Apart from serial commands, image acquisition works great.

Serial commands however always fail, although they are correctly typed I always get 8192bytes of continuous zeros whatever is the command I type in.


Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Did you check that the "Serial Enable" is selected in MAX?

If you write your own icd with Camera File Generator, I suppose.

Did you also check that you specified the right "Termination String" in the Serial Settings?

This termination string differs between the different camera manufacturer, so read the camera manual to set the good one. It's sometimes a simple \r caracter.


Hope this helps


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Serial is indeed enabled in MAX, but as far as I understand the config tool, MAX should play no role in its behavior since it acts as a configurator for MAX.

The start end characters are the right ones when I do not set them correctly I never get any answer (you might say that 8kBytes of zeros is not really an answer anyways)

Another problem that I have is that the speed of the interface cannot be increased further than 100kbauds, and the camera file generator blames it on the board (NI1433) that is (as specified) definitely capable of 900kbauds.


If anyone can figure what is happening..

Thanks a lot


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