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Calibration grids


Hello everybody

I want to use the NI Vision Calibration VIs in LabVIEW or the Image Calibration step in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection.

I'm looking for calibration grids that may used for video extensometer application (strain  measurement).

Taking in consideration that I'm using a NI smart camera (NI-1744) with 1280*1024 pixel and lense 25mm of a whole field of view up to 200mm .

 if anyone have any idea about this subject  please reply me .

best regards to u all



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I think all your answers are in this Knowledge Base:


What are the Requirements for an NI Vision Calibration Grid?


You can calculate your own requirements based on the document and the camera parameters. You may even be able to use the calibration grid installed with NI Vision (from Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Vision»Documentation»Calibration Grid).


Let me know if you have any more questions after reading the KB and the linked documents.

Have a great day!

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